Other services



Along with design work, Jonas von Stedingk has delivered a range of other related services. Stedingk Design can assist with branding insights and graphics, as well as conveying specifically taylored workshops or meetings.



Visual identity
Stedingk Design can deliver helpful insights and solutions for brand identity and translate them into various visual manifestations. He has assisted sometimes very different companies in this process - in the energy, retail and fashion sectors. The workings of the language of form in different cultural contexts is something Jonas thoroughly enjoys exploring (1).  The 2D work has involved creating company logos and visual materials, including presentations, websites, stationary, books, business plans and brochures, as well as further applications of visual ID. We have epxanded this area of expertise through the years doing some fairly prestegious 2D jobs for the likes of Ikea, Nur Energie, 'So...?' fragrances and various architectural practices along the way. 



Graphics and visual representation
Stedingk Design delivers graphical communication tools such as documents and websites.  When designing presentations, we have the capability to clearly express complex texts and content into visual representations, as well as developing diagrams, charts or whatever is necessary.  We have also produced a number of pictures compellingly visualising three-dimensional concepts, helping drive fund-raising or media presence. If you need to convey an idea, whether complex or simple, we can help. We can put together bid submissions for you, help assess and optimise content, and present in a convcinving way.  We have successfully put together several winning bid documents ranging from the more technical and financial (Nur Energie) to culturally sensitive (Downtown Doha) and assisted with architectural masterplanning proposals and presentations (Las Palmas Harbour Regenenration for Grimshaw).  Please view our graphics CV and portfolio here >


Result-orientated workshops and meetings
Stedingk Design organises workshops or meetings which can efficiently produce results by conveying the necessary experts from the design, manufacturing or building industries for purposes such as product range strategies, product innovation agency, product brief definition, product evaluation, etc.  Jonas can also personally advise on these matters and bring together experts as required.




1] Further reading: JvS dissertation Semiotics and Design, download PDF, 28 pages >